Capture colours with your device´s camera and share them over the most popular social networks.

Includes support for HomeKit light bulbs.

Natural Colours Scanner

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Key features

  1. -It captures 10 colours per second.

  2. -It displays colour names.

  3. -It speaks colour names. Recommended for people with disabilities.

  4. -You can send messages with one or more colours over the most popular instant messaging services.

  5. -You can share colours over social networks.

  6. -Zoom control.


Point to your clothes and make that color your device's background.

Point to a wall and get the colour to paint another room.

Send the colour of anything to ask for an opinion.

You will discover your own ideas.

Also recommended for schools and for professionals such as artists, painters, architects, etc.

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Main Screen

View Colour Pack

Shows the captured colours in the current colour pack.

Select Colour Pack

Tap or swipe to switch camera.
Zoom Level.
Current colour pack and number of colours. The current colour pack is where new colours are stored.

Tap to view the current colour pack and tools. Swipe to change current colour pack.
Tap to capture a single colour. Tap and hold to capture many.
Tap on any colour to share it. You can also select many to share them or to create a new colour pack
Select current colour pack. You may also rename or delete colour packs.
Slide any colour to the left and then tap on the black button in order to synch your smart lights. For more information, please  visit our HomeKit Page.Home_Kit.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0